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At WALLIES Preprimary, all the teachers are qualified, love children very much, have creative souls, and have a passion to make it exciting for our toddlers every day, so that they can grow and learn through play without realizing they are learning.

So we LEARN by playing.
Through play and exciting activities, we help the kids to develop Physically, Emotionally, Socially, and Cognitively.
We focus a lot on experiential learning through field trips, our Mini "Masterchef" classes, and by presenting our Themes, Bible and Numeracy visually. We offer music classes, Actikds, creative classes, and dance classes.
Our large outdoor playground is a great advantage for gross motor development. Each class has a teacher and loving assistant who provides help where needed. We have Occupational Therapists on site who also assist us where needed. Together with our parents, we are one big family that takes hands for our toddlers

Why Wallies?
Large classes
Large playground
Qualified and professional teachers

Christa Fokkens, head of department of the Pre-Primary, obtained her Higher Education Diploma from W.O.K (Windhoek Ondersy Kollege) and has 18 years of Pre-primary experience.

She loves the children very much and says that every end of the year it is difficult for her to let the children go. For her, the best part about teaching is the creative time and children's art is her favorite school activity.

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Wallies Pre-Primary Team


At Laerskool Walvisbaai, grades R to 3 are taught by qualified, dedicated, and enthusiastic teachers in Afrikaans and English.

With small classes, the focus is on the individual attention of every pupil. We follow the Namibian curriculum but also do supplementary work where necessary. Walvis Bay Primary School's Junior Primary section is therefore known for the fact that our pupils have excellent maths, reading, and writing skills.



We also value each pupil's social and emotional well-being.
On a daily basis, we emphasize the character traits of caring, respect, trustworthiness, citizenship, integrity, and responsibility to ensure that we send well-rounded, responsible pupils to Senior Primary.

It is important that we develop each child in totality and we, therefore, offer various extracurricular activities. In terms of sports, they can participate in hockey, netball, rugby, cricket, mini-tennis, and athletics. Pupils can also
participate in chess, debating, and art competitions. In our equipped library, they are encouraged to read regularly and discover the wonderful world of books. It is a priority for us that every learner feels safe and happy at school. The teachers are therefore daily focused on each pupil's emotional well-being. We aim to present lessons in such a way that learning is enjoyable for them. There is a friendly, welcoming atmosphere In the classes. Every grade goes on an educational or fun trip at least once a semester to broaden their horizons.

Desiré Nell, head of department of the Junior Primary, studied in Windhoek and specialized in junior primary. She has been teaching for 31 years and has been at Walvis Bay Primary School for 22 years. For her, a highlight is to follow her children and see how they perform after school and what becomes of each one. She likes to walk, exercise, ride bike, and likes to drink good coffee!


2A Des Nel, HOD.jpg

Junior Primary Team


At Walvis Bay Primary School, grades 4 to 7 are taught by qualified, dedicated, and enthusiastic teachers. The
medium of instruction is English and we follow the Namibian curriculum.

We offer the following subjects:
Afrikaans First Language:
The learners participate yearly in the ATKV Debiting competition, the Griffel competition, and various other
language competitions.
English as a second language:
The learners participate in various activities, such as the Spelling Bee.
Extra work is added to the curriculum to improve the learners’ ability to develop a deeper understanding of the
subject. Mathematical games make it fun to learn new concepts and reinforce concepts.
Natural Science:
In grade 4 and 5 the learners participate in the Science Fair where they do a study of topics given. The top ten
projects in every grade go through to the Circuit Science 
Fair and the best projects chosen go through to the
National Science Fair.
Social Studies:
This subject teaches the learners about the history of our country, neigbouring countries as well as the world. It also
teaches the learners about geography. The learners do lots of practical activities and other projects.
Home Ecology:
This subject teaches the learners to become entrepreneurs by equipping them with practical skills to make craft items that they can sell. It teaches them how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as well as manage their household resources
Design and Technology:
This subject teaches the learners to become entrepreneurs by equipping them with practical skills to make craft items that they can sell. Safety skills and the correct use of tools are also critical topics the learners learn about.

We encourage the learners to participate in various cultural activities, such as art, different types of dancing
and poetry to name a few.

Shirley Visagie, head of department of the senior primary, did her B.ED at UNAM and received her degree in 2000. Her main subjects are English and Afrikaans. She taught English at LWB for 12 years but is now back to her mother tongue. Shirley says she loves to see how the children grow and improve. For her, the most enjoyable thing is to see how a child who could not speak Afrikaans at all achieves a good mark at the end of the year. Her great love is to teach Afrikaans, because she can make the children love reading and make the language their own. She feels that especially with today's children a large part of the language is being lost, specifically the fixed expressions and idioms.

Shirley Visagie SP HOD.jpg

Senior Primary Team


All our learners are welcome at the LWB Aftercare Centre. We accommodate small groups of Grade 1-7 learners.


The purpose of the Aftercare Center is to create a learning and homework facility for learners whose parents work full time and cannot provide proper supervision at home and therefore prefer that their children receive learning and homework help after school hours by professional staff.


We are more than just an Aftercare center, we are a big family that cares for each other. We are located on the school premises which gives learners the opportunity to attend extracurricular activities & sports offered at our school, do homework, work on projects and socialize with peers.


The homework center aims to provide a service. We offer a safe and relaxed environment for our learners with adequate supervision and assistance with homework. We are committed to Christian values, discipline and respect.

Common questions and answers:

How is homework handled?

Homework diaries are checked and signed daily, assistance is also provided with exams.

Are you open during School holidays?

In 2023, we are planning to accommodate children and parents during the June/July School holiday.

What are your hours?

Monday– Thursday 12h00 – 14h00 Waiting class (Playground under supervision)

Monday– Thursday 14h00 – 16h30 (Study/homework class)

Maandae – Thursday 16h30 – 17h15 (Playground under supervision)

Parents collect children at the Netball courts before 17h15

On Fridays we only offer a waiting class for Grades R-3 from 12h00 – 13h00

Barbarra Van Zyl, aftercare facilitator, ran her own daycare for 10 years and she has 15 years of teaching experience. Her heart is children and seeing them grow to become the best version of themselves. She calls the students her "children" because they become part of her who she is during the year.

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